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3D Coaching- Why Should I Care?

Here is an example of why 3D coaching is so important...from a Mom in tears after hearing about the 3D Coaching opportunities coming up this September: 

"I just want to let you know I am so glad you are offering 3D. Unfortunately my daughter and son in law were exposed to 1st Dimensional Coaches in sports that kind of ruined them. It's taken years to overcome all of the bad stuff they were exposed to.They are still not fully recovered yet, but they are close. My hope is that someday, no athlete will have to go through what they went through because they will be coached by a 3D Coach."

Register now for a session on 3D Coaching!

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(Each class is 7 weeks long)  

Crossroad Community Church - Westminster Campus 

Sunday, October 6th through Sunday, November 17th at 8 am


McDaniel 3D Coaching Class  

Thursday, October 10th through Thursday, November 21st at 6:30 pm

Contact Doug Newton for additional details


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  • Volunteer
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  • Adopt a team

Contact Brandon Johnson to get involved.

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