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Character Coaches

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Character Coach

Character coaches, or team chaplains, are an extension of the FCA campus ministry. They are led by an FCA volunteer or staff member and serve any athletic team on campus.  They work in conjunction with the coach to schedule regular times for team devotionals and/or Bible Studies that have voluntary player attendance.

Coach Testimony of an FCA Character Coach


John was an outstanding addition to our coaching staff.  As employees of FCPS or any school system, coaches are very limited in the area of including anything church related to our program.  John was introduced as a coach from day 1 in our program.  He did an excellent job being patient and getting to know our kids and coaches.  Once everyone accepted him and were comfortable the relationships started to multiply.  He connected with kids and coaches on many levels.  He attended practices 3-4 times per week.  He attend almost every game.  He held and after party called the "5th quarter" that many of our kids attended multiple times.  Our team overcame a lot this year.  We had a fire at the school where 2 students were hurt badly on a Friday.  The game went on that night.  John was there to support our kids and staff.  The last 3 weeks and the playoffs John was our keynote speaker at team meals.  He gave an inspirational message each week from his perspective and it was a huge hit with the team.




I think John's approach to the character coach at our school was near perfect in execution. Started slow, showed up daily (this is key), connected with everyone on different levels.  Our team meal is a big bonding point each week in our program.  John was a big part of making it even better for all involved.  He used props in his messages, he was well spoken, spoke to the kids level (hip), and mixed in FCA's messages throughout. The character coach is an asset to our program.  I think the credit goes to John.




If you are a COACH that would like a CHARACTER COACH/TEAM CHAPLAIN, or if you are a volunteer who would like to learn more about this very effective program, please contact us.  You can also learn more HERE